What’s the best eyelash growth serum? A nice packaging isn’t enough. What’s inside the tube matters, too. Natural ingredients designed to stimulate faster lash growth. A friendly formula which is easy to use and absorb. A competitive price. A good eyelash enhancer must have all of these features.

Eyelash care is left out too often. We don’t pay much attention to the condition of the lashes as long as we’ve got a mascara which extends, thickens and boosts volume. A lash serum isn’t always a regular guest in a beauty bag. It’s a mistake. Lots of harmful factors affect your eyelashes every day, weakening their condition. Remember that even the priciest mascara is going to fail if your lashes fall out in excess.

An effective lash serum helps to make lashes stronger and protects them from the damaging factors. To do that, it must be composed in a way as to gently work on the sensitive eye area. At the same time, an enhancer must be effective, quickly strengthen the bulbs and stimulate lash growth.

The secret lies in the complex action and precise formula

Discover the best lash growth serums of recent months. The reviews compare the most popular serums chosen by most consumers. Four key things are taken into account: the quality of the formula; the tube’s design and easiness of use; matching the application to the needs; the effectiveness. Check and choose your favorite!


Serum that is ranked among top choices for eyelash care for a couple of reasons. Not only does it have a conditioning effect but also accelerates growth. Lashcode …


Nearly three milliliters of serum is housed in a regular, silver tube. Wimpern Booster has an interesting formula but the design isn’t extraordinary. It effectively …


It slightly resembles a pharmaceutical and doesn’t look tasteful. Realash Serum is a formula that combines natural plant extracts with lab-devised ingredients. It’s effective yet …


It looks like a mascara which has an intensely black shade. In reality, M2 Lashes Serum is another popular product for eyelash growth and care. …


A serum that offers a double capacity and golden design. Its popularity might be surprising. Quickmax Serum is based on two mysterious enzymes and hormones …


Prolash Serum is a full set of natural plant and animal-derived ingredients which nourish and strengthen the lashes. One serum in two versions: an orange …


After making the design over, Hairplus Serum looks quite tasteful. It has one of the biggest products when it comes to the capacity. It strengthens …


A successful lash care isn’t just about the choice of a product which gets the best reviews. While taking care of eyelashes, let’s be reasonable, choosing products which are able to help fight for the healthy and beautiful lashes. Not working superficially is the key thing. The best lash growth serum doesn’t have to be expensive because the price doesn’t decide about the effectiveness. A precise application method and the right composition of active ingredients are more important.

Hint 1

While choosing a lash growth serum, first take a look at the way it works and the formula. The price should be the last thing to consider.

Which eyelash growth serum works?

The best lash serum is made up of natural plant extracts yet not just them. It’s important that the formula contains advanced ingredients which actively affect the bulbs and stimulate lash growth. Combining both elements in perfect proportions makes for the success.

Plant extracts are rich in valuable vitamins (mostly antioxidant vitamin E; nearly all of the group B vitamins; vitamins A and C are less common), minerals and fatty acids which provide eyelashes with full care. Still, they don’t give spectacular effects. Adding extra stimulating ingredients is crucial; they must be safe and can’t disturb the natural lash life cycle. A good lash growth serum is an on-point mix of all the ingredients.

Hint 2

Choose serums which include both natural nourishing ingredients and active substances for lash growth – the effects are complex.

Eyelash growth serums – on-point working

While picking an eyelash care product, not only the composition matters. The application is the key because it delivers milder or more intensive effects. Since the bulb is the only living part of eyelashes, you should go for products that are applied to the lash base. In this way, they penetrate the follicles faster so the results come more quickly. A good lash growth serum must have a thin and precise brush which is made from gentle bristle (nonirritating for the eyelid skin).

Hint 3

Don’t buy lash serums which have mascara wand applicators because a thin and precise brush is the best one.

While shopping for a lash growth serum, make sure it:
  • contains at least one natural ingredient
  • has a thin brush made from gentle bristles
  • doesn’t cost a fortune
  • isn’t hard to apply
  • has a minimalist and thought-out formula
  • comes in a solid and durable packaging
  • ensures full effects

While reaching out for lash care products, remember that eyelashes are fragile. They require special attention and products which deliver faster growth and better condition. That’s why a good lash serum must be safe and get to the source of the problem of thin and weak lashes – the bulb.