A serum that offers a double capacity and golden design. Its popularity might be surprising. Quickmax Serum is based on two mysterious enzymes and hormones which stimulate the lash growth. It costs quite a lot and belongs to the group of average products. Read on and check the working of Quickmax Serum.

Capacity: 5 ml

Formula. What does it contain?

The manufacturer calls the product a growth enhancer. The serum owes its benefits to an interesting combination of active ingredients. It contains EPM enzyme and a natural growth hormone. Both substances are quite mysterious because you can’t find much info online (except for the info on the stimulating effect). Quickmax Serum contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins, panthenol, allantoin, essential oils and plant extracts, too.

The formula isn’t the best one but I can’t say it’s the worst either.

Action. What effects does it deliver?

There are few opinions and reviews of the Quickmax Serum and if there are any, they aren’t precise. The product has good nourishing and strengthening properties. First results of longer and thicker lashes are supposed to be visible after just 7 days whereas the eyelashes are to get darker after 15 days. Physically, it’s impossible, especially in case of very weak lashes. Quickmax Serum delivers effects but you must wait for them much longer. The treatment lasts even several months.

Design. What does it look like?

Quickmax Serum doesn’t look very elegant. A simple, golden tube is made from a medium-quality plastic. The cardboard box has the same color. For this price, the packaging should be better – both the design and quality of materials. Quickmax Enhancer is among the biggest serums on the market. The bottle isn’t as slim and handy as in other products.

Application. How to use?

Quickmax Serum works when you’re asleep so it’s applied in the evening. A regular application matters because every discontinuation means that active substances don’t work as intensively. Quickmax comes with a thin and quite easy-to-use brush so applying the serum to the lash line isn’t difficult. If you’re a skilled eyeliner user, you’re going to need just one sweep of the brush. Still, cleaning and drying the skin is a must-do before you start applying the serum. The product will be more effective.