It’s the only lash growth product which is so effective and combines the power of natural substances and advanced lash care solutions. Nanolash serum reinforces, extends, thickens and makes the eyelashes look as beautiful as they’ve never had. Check why Nanolash is the best value for money!


Formula. What does it contain?

Mild ingredients working intensively make the key to the successful lash care. Nanolash serum is minimalist both on the outside and from within. The formula is composed of just several substances that are essential for keeping the lashes healthy. Each and every ingredient has been selected so as to deliver full effects. That’s why Nanolash enhancer contains cosmetic substances which stimulate lash growth and strongly-nourishing plant extracts. The mix of naturalness and innovation is a success.

Action. What effects does it deliver?

Nanolash is likely to be the only lash serum which gives a full set of benefits. Only Nanolash provides eyelashes with multidimensional care. Most of all, it nourishes, moisturises and strengthens the bulbs which get the power to bear longer and stronger lashes. Nanolash growth serum creates a protective coat on the hairs and skin around them to prevent damage. What’s more, it brings elasticity, defines the curl and adds shine. A few weeks are enough for Nanolash serum to give a striking eyelash extension and volume.

It makes the lash line fuller, enhances the eye shape, hinders falling out and boosts the growth of baby lashes.

Design. What does it look like?

Luxury is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hold the product. Nanolash, as the only serum, has a black, slim and fully-matte tube. The bottle is handy and looks perfect on every dressing table. A characteristic, matte blackness of the product and a silver logo make up a stunning design. Nanolash serum is available in one capacity. It lasts very long thanks to a precise brush which is made up of thin, delicate bristles.

Application. How to use?

You can apply the serum to both upper and lower eyelids. One daily application is enough to have brand-new, better lashes in just a few weeks. The application takes two mins tops. Nanolash serum works best when you apply it in the evening before sleep. After a regular makeup removal. One stroke of a brush is enough to spread the clear serum where it must be spread – near the bulbs. Nanolash is instantly absorbed.

product website: www.nanolash.com