Mechanical manicure – Nail styling for the brave

Manicure trends come and go, indeed. Week after week we are surprised by new ideas on how to enrich and beautify classic manicure. This week mechanical manicure is on the table. How does it look like? Is it practical?

So far there hasn’t been such manicure trend like this one before. It attracts attention not only with its elaborate finish and the effective look but also with adornments that can move! This manicure trend does impress, however, it isn’t deprived of flaws.


If you are interested in the newest make-up, hair or nail styling trends, here’s one of them. Mechanical manicure is a fingernail decorating method that many women from all over the world have lost their heads for recently. Why is this technique so popular? What is so exceptional about it?

Mechanical manicure is a trend invented by an artist from Tony’s Nail crew. If you look for an inspiration for really crazy and freaky nail stylisations, you have to visit his Instagram profile (@tonysnail).

Tony Ly as the first one looked at nails form a slightly different angle than it was done until now. Instead of focusing on simple nail polish application, he proved that nail plate can be a place to build a mini movable mechanism on.

The first decoration designed by this artist was a 3D ladybug, it’s wings move when the tip of the nails is pulled. Another version of mechanical manicure is a nail with a movable circle attached to a nail plate. The easiest and equally effective turns out to be manicure with two circles that move due to a thin wire attached to the nail. These are three the most popular mechanisms, yet definitely not the only ones and not the last of Tony Ly’s propositions.

What are the advantages?

  • Is exceptionally effective and original
  • Offers a new approach to nail styling

What are the disadvantages?

  • It’s very difficult to apply
  • Is neither a practical nor convenient solution
  • Cost of such nail styling costs a pretty penny