Classic make-up. How to look good every time

Some make-ups are like a little black dress — never go out of fashion. Classic make-up is elegant, appropriate for every woman and always looks stunning. Meet four classic make-ups perfect for every occasion.

We often get tempted by the make-up madness because we want to stand out. Or you just bought this new, oh-amazing lipstick and you need to test it. Other time, you watched the Internet of tutorials and you plan on trying all the new make-up techniques on yourself. Stop!

Experimenting with make-up is not always the good idea. You can do it, but rather at home when there are no big evening out plans up ahead. When you go to the important party, a date or first day at work, it is better to go with proven make-up, that always looks good and is not difficult to perform.

Here are four most popular make-up of celebrities.

Stylish classic

Perfectly polished make-up in old Hollywood style with two main features: red lipstick and eyeliner. An even skin and concealed imperfections perfectly go with black eyeliner and expressive lips. The shade of red can be matched with skin complexion.

Natural highlight

Another proposition is a minimalistic make-up that follows the simple rule: less is more. Radiant and glowing skin seems younger and rested even after a sleepless night. Just mix few drops of highlighter with your foundation and tap in the skin. Finish your look with mascara and nude lipstick.

Mysterious smoky

The perfect make-up when you have not much time but want to look sexy is smoky. Gently smooth skin, natural colour on lips and smoky eye — this is all you need to have the perfect appearance. Just take some eye shadow and blend it with a brush, choose a shade that will go great with your eye colour.

Sweet glamour

The number one celebrities make-up, which is a highlight in the eyes and cheek bones area, highly pigmented colours on the eyelid and mascara. All of that accompanied by smooth skin. It is a make-up proposition for the moments when you have more time on your hands. It is a key to the stunning appearance.