Make-up revolution! Personalised foundation by Lancome

There was never something like this! Recently has been created a foundation that has more than 70 thousand tones. These keep coming. Le Teint Particulier Custom Made Foundation by Lancome is fully personalised cosmetic that matches skin complexion of every woman. Will you find your perfect shade?

How do they do it?

Do you think matching a foundation with skin complexion is impossible? Lancome proved that it’s simple. You just need to have the … specialistic equipment. Here’s where the issue starts. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the device which matches a shade of the cosmetic with skin complexion. Let’s just hope that it will change someday. In the meantime, the possibility to create personalised foundation is limited to the citizens of USA and United Kingdom.

Match shade with skin complexion

In some drug stores exist special points where in a short time is made Le Teint Particulier Custom Made Foundation that matches perfectly your skin. How does it work? Lancome consultant helps client choose a level of coverage. Then with a portable device, she scans the face in three spots. This is enough to choose the right foundation shade. Then special machine mixes few pigments. It is how Le Teint Particulier Custom Made Foundation is created. The label on a foundation bottle will have your name on it.

Revolutionary foundation by Lancome

Surely, Le Teint Particulier Custom Made Foundation by Lancome has introduced some chaos on the cosmetic market. Probably all of us would love to have it in our cosmetic bags. Unfortunately, the cost for one bottle is around £90. You will have to also add the cost of the travel to the shop where the foundation is made. On top of it, the wait list for this foundation is longer and longer every day. If you want to have Le Teint Particulier Custom Made Foundation, you have to hurry.