How to make use of mineral cosmetics? Original ideas and recipes

You like mineral cosmetics but, unfortunately, you can’t fit them into your make-up bags and drawers any longer. Don’t throw them away! Use them to give a new lease of life to the cosmetics by changing them into care products that you really need. Check out how to create washing powders and light foundations.

Washing powder to cleanse your face

Prepare powdered coconut milk, oat flour and a clay make-up base. Take a bowl and fill it with a spoon of each of the ingredients and mix thoroughly. Your face cleansing powder is ready! Easy, isn’t it? Moreover, if you want to, you can enrich your new cosmetic with other substances: dried herbs, essential oils, or grinded seeds. Add water before every use so as to obtain lighter formula. How does this cosmetic work? This powder moisturises and exfoliates dead epidermis cells, all at the same time. Mineral substances absorb excess of sebum, limit seborrhoea and cleanse skin pores.

Mattifying hair powder

You know it as dry shampoo. If you want to get such a product, mix a clay make-up base and silica in even proportions. The cosmetic prolongs the effect of fresh hair, absorbs excess of sebum and lifts hair at the roots. It’s safe for sensitive scalp and weakened hair. It doesn’t trigger irritations unlike regular dry shampoos.

Powdered foundation

In order to prepare this kind of a cosmetic, you’ll need: a mineral powder and alcohol 96%. Prepare a container where you’ll store the new cosmetic. Remember to wash it precisely and disinfect the packaging. How to make powdered foundation? Add a small amount of alcohol to a mineral powder. The consistency of the product should be slightly damp and flexible. Next, you need to compress this mixture in a gentle manner. Thanks to this, it will become more pigmented and solid. In order to intensify the action of the product as well as its coverage factor, add vitamin E and your favourite cosmetic butter; the aroma will be delivered by essential oils.