New! Cosmetic Palette Pout Case for iPhone

There are more and more bizarre cosmetic gadgets. Recently, Pout has come up with a cosmetic palette attached to the phone case. All make-up lovers will surely love is. However, what about the people who for the love of their life have iPhone and other technological novelties?

Pout Case — what is it?

It is small “pocket” where make-up cosmetics can be placed and then attached to the back of the phone. Pout Case is made of a casing with spaces for cosmetics; a flap that protects those from damage; and individually chosen cosmetics. You attach the palette on one of iPhone versions: 6, 6S or 7. Pout Case is an interesting gadget with a click. Thanks to the highest quality technology, the case is resistant to shaking and impacts, in no way it impedes the use of the phone and the cosmetics are separated from all the important parts of the phone. Is it really? Just think what might have happen with your foundation or a lip gloss when iPhone will heat up during a long time of work.

Pout Case and make-up

Pout Case is available in four versions. For the gold flap you can choose white or black casing; the same way you can match the pink flap. What cosmetics can you choose? Pout has in its offer lip gloss, foundation and lip balm. Lip gloss is in shades of red and pink, the foundation has only four shades and lip balm is colourless.

How should you use Pout Case?

Place the case on the back of the iPhone and press them against each other. Then slide the pocket and take out the part that has the spaces for cosmetics. Put in chosen cosmetics and put it back in the pocket. Then place the pocket back in the casing of your iPhone and close it; you should hear a “click”. Thanks to Pout Case, you can apply your make-up on the go and always look perfect.